When I was still navigating the corporate world, preparing for my annual performance review became a moment of revelation.

Despite a year filled with accomplishments, I found myself struggling to recall and document specific successes.

The effort and stress it took to sift through a year’s worth of memories was tremendous. I realized I had been so focused on overcoming the next challenge that I never truly acknowledged my victories, big or small.

This was a turning point for me. It led to the inception of what I now call my ‘Highlight Reel’ – a reflective practice that has not only revolutionized my professional journey but also significantly altered my personal perspective.

As an executive woman, your year was full of challenges, successes, and a ton of experiences. But the crucial question remains — have you paused to fully recognize and document all that you’ve achieved?

Let’s explore why this reflection is indispensable for both your career and personal growth, and discover the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of crafting your own comprehensive annual highlight reel.

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Women Leaders Can Master Year-End Reflections for Career Advancement and Empowerment

As the year draws to a close, it’s crucial to take a moment and reflect on your professional path. This exercise goes beyond self-congratulation — it’s a strategic step in cementing your influence and impact.

Your achievements are your narrative. They define your trajectory and influence how you’re perceived.

Let’s explore why a thorough reflection on your accomplishments is crucial from a career standpoint, and how it seamlessly integrates into performance evaluations, career planning, and ensuring your efforts are recognized and visible.

How Reflecting on Achievements Benefits Women IT Executives

Reflecting on your professional achievements extends beyond your career. It influences your personal growth and well-being.

Let’s discuss how this practice positively impacts your personal life in three significant ways.

Create a Comprehensive Highlight Reel: Essential Tips for Women Executives

When creating you own highlight reel, it’s most effective when you include all of your achievements, not just the major projects or initiatives. Recognizing these helps, a deeper appreciation of your journey and amplifies the diverse skill set that you bring to the table

Here are 3 tips to guide you to create your own highlight reel and maintain it a consistent practice:

  1. Monthly Check-Ins: Instead of waiting for the year’s end, have monthly or quarterly reflection sessions. Jot down key achievements, challenges you’ve overcome, and small wins. This practice will make it less overwhelming and provide a more comprehensive view of your year.
  2. Leverage Technology: Use digital tools to your advantage. Whether it’s a note-taking app, a digital journal, or even a dedicated document on your laptop, find a platform that works for you and stick to it. The key is consistency.
  3. Involve Your Team: Make this a collaborative effort. Encourage them to maintain their own highlight reels. This not only helps with their professional development but also gives you a clearer picture of their overall performance.

Reflection on your achievements is not a practice in record keeping, rather it’s a recognition and celebration of your journey — both the highs and the lows.

Here’s to a reflective and rewarding end to your year, and an even more accomplished 2024!

Remember, you’re the solution to claiming what’s important to you!