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In an era where corporate landscapes are undergoing unprecedented changes, organizations are facing a myriad of challenges that require not just efficient management, but inspirational leadership. Companies are often confronted with:

As an experienced professional speaker, I bring a unique blend of expertise to the table— a native New Yorker with over two decades living in Europe, I understand the global corporate pulse.

My intersectionality includes a variety of social identities – professional self-employed female, Afro-Latina, American expatriate, European citizen, middle-aged woman, mother of a biracial child, partner in an interracial marriage and caregiver.

Sharon Ehrlich, Professional Speaker

These overlapping identities allow me to view and experience the world through a variety of lenses.

With an MBA from Adelphi University and a certificate in Diversity and Inclusion from Cornell University, my credentials back my passion.

My public speaking services offer:

With a proven track record of hosting a range of events, from panel discussions to large corporate gatherings, I’m as comfortable with an intimate group as I am in a large auditorium.

I deliver content in various modalities—virtual, in-person, or hybrid—ensuring maximum reach and impact.

Topics include but are not limited to:

Unlocking the Hidden Barrier to Women's Career Advancement

Discover the impact of sponsorship on accelerating women’s career growth, underlining its role in narrowing gender disparities in pay and opportunity. Through real-world examples and actionable strategies, this discourse provides a blueprint for both sponsors and those seeking sponsorship, showcasing how sponsorship, unlike mentorship, can be a transformative lever in propelling women towards greater heights in the professional arena.

Cultivate a Culture of Belonging with the MEETS Framework

Uncover strategies to cultivate a belonging culture with the MEETS framework for inclusive leadership which enhances team unity, elevate productivity, and bolsters employee retention. Discover a pathway to a harmonious workplace that not only thrives on diversity but drives tangible results, nurturing a fertile ground for both individual and collective growth.

Saying “No” to Say “Yes”: OWN Your Future Through the Art of Strategic Refusal

Discover a tailored roadmap for professionals to master their careers and personal lives using the OWN framework—Observe, Weigh, and Negotiate. Overcome prevalent hurdles and unlock a more fulfilling, balanced life by navigating through common challenges with enhanced clarity, deliberation, and assertive negotiation, paving the way for a rewarding, harmonized existence.

Sharon Ehrlich, Professional Speaker
Sharon Ehrlich, Professional Speaker

Don't miss the opportunity to elevate your organizational dialogue, inspire your workforce, and make an indelible impact on your corporate culture.

Fees start at € 3,500 (plus travel)
Speaking Testimonials
Speaking Testimonials

About Sharon Ehrlich

Sharon Ehrlich is an international coach helping women IT executives gain more control over their career and carve out time to care for themselves and family. She offers practical guidance and inspiration to successful women who want to lead their lives with purpose and intention. Sharon is a former IT executive with over 30 years-experience and an ICF certified coach.

Sharon Ehrlich, Executive Coach & Strategist