Meet Sharon Ehrlich

You deserve to be proud of the impact you’ve made as a female executive.

Leadership in the male dominated IT sector is not always easy, and you’ve achieved success and have positively influenced the lives of countless others.

But you also know that the demands of your career haven’t left a lot of space to assess what’s needed to sustain your growth, focus on your fitness, and nurture your interests.

Sharon Ehrlich, Executive Coach & Strategist

You know that something needs to shift to reach your vision for your future self.

That’s where I come in.

My 24 years of leadership experience in IT, MBA and executive coaching certification make me uniquely qualified to understand you and support you in defining your next chapter.

My pursuit of professional success and caring for others put my needs in the background. It was only when I was approaching a breakdown that I realized I needed to change. I had to find ways to stop doing everything myself. I had to create time to care for myself, pursue my interests and nurture my relationships. This was not easy, but with the right focus, was doable.

This is the season of your life when you get to decide how you want to move through the world.

I created Living While Leading to help women executives like you lead authentically and advance their careers while carving out time to care for themselves.

You’ve worked hard to achieve these heights. Now it’s time to reach out to a thinking partner to get you to your next level of greatness!

Sharon’s Professional Background & Education

Sharon is a native New Yorker and has lived in Vienna, Austria for over 2 decades. She enjoys traveling with her husband, Marek, a successful heart surgeon and son, Lukas, a university student and experiencing different cultures. She’s a hobby baker and an avid walker logging about 15,000 steps each day.