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Two weeks ago, I was reminiscing about how long it had been since I’d danced at a party. I talked about missing the freedom and fun of dancing with others, letting go, and just being in the moment with good music.

Little did I know, the universe was listening!

Fast forward a few days — I receive an exclusive invite to a party hosted in a luxury clothing store.

This wasn’t your typical event. It started as a pretty reserved gathering, with catered food and flowing champagne. But as the evening progressed, the atmosphere transformed dramatically.

A live singer set the tone, and before I knew it, the guests weren’t just swaying, they were tearing up the dance floor.

And yes, you guessed it – I joined in and had the time of my life!

Dancing that evening made me realize something crucial. As a women leader, you seldom give yourself permission to truly disconnect from your role and un-ending list of duties.

I’m going to share with you 3 tips on how you can find the sweet spot between  leading effectively and experiencing uninhibited joy.

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Why Women IT Executives Struggle to Prioritize Personal Time

As a women executive it’s important to find moments for yourself, to just let loose and enjoy life. You understand how important it is to carve time out for yourself, however it’s a challenge making this happen on a consistent basis. There are many reasons for this including:

The reasons why it’s difficult for you to prioritize personal time without feeling that you‘re compromising your professional integrity or effectiveness are perfectly understandable.

Self-Care Strategies for Women Executives for Embracing Well-being and Balance

You often juggle multiple roles, leaving little room for personal time. Yet, stepping away from your busy schedule is a necessity for your overall well-being. Let me remind you why it is so essential for you to regularly carve out time for yourself:

How Women Leaders Can Make Time for Fun and Freedom and Empower Their Joy

So now you’re asking, how can I find the time to indulge in moments of freedom and fun? Here are 3 tips that have worked for me in the past that I’d like to share with you:

  1. Say yes to something different. Next time an invitation lands in your inbox, and it’s not work-related, say yes. Whether it’s a party, a painting class, or a hiking trip, if it’s different from your usual schedule, go for it. You might just find yourself rediscovering a long-lost passion or hobby or just simply have fun!
  1. Schedule your joy. Block out time in your calendar for an activity that brings you happiness. It could be an hour of yoga, a coffee date with a friend, or even a short trip. Treat these moments with the same importance you give to your professional commitments.
  1. Delegate and disconnect. This can be hard, especially when you’re used to being in control. Delegating more not only empowers others — it also frees you up. The world won’t stop if you step away for a bit. Trust your team and take that well-deserved break.

Take the lead in your life. Dance like no one’s watching, laugh a little louder, and find those moments that allow you to just be yourself. To free your mind and restore your spirit.

You’re not just doing yourself a favor — you’re setting a powerful example by leading with joy and purpose!

Remember, you’re the solution to claiming what’s important to you!