90 Minutes to Show Up Confidently and

Own the Room
with Sharon Ehrlich, Executive Coach and Strategist

You spent years building your expertise and reputation.

But sometimes you doubt your capabilities and question whether you are qualified to be in certain spaces.

You beat yourself up for not speaking up in meetings, expressing your opinions or taking a seat at the table.

You know that this behavior impacts your visibility, erodes your confidence and affects how others perceive your value.

All successful women struggle with imposter syndrome at one time or another. But guess what? You know your stuff and have a right to confidently exist in any room and have your voice heard.

Let’s spend 90 minutes together so I can help you break this cycle.

With my help you’ll uncover how you can authentically and comfortably show up and get recognized for being the powerful woman you are.

I’ve been coaching and mentoring women for decades. What I know for sure is that you are the solution to making the changes needed to improve your presence in a way that feels good. Working with me as your thinking partner will accelerate reaching the outcome you desire.

There is no right time, but right now!

Let’s partner to achieve your goal to show up confidently and own the room!

In this 90-minute private session, you and I will prioritize your individual goals and brainstorm actionable steps you can take now.

You’ll get:

NOTE: Schedule your 90-minute Own the Room Session no closer than 1 week from today as I will be customizing and sending you a questionnaire that you’ll need to return no later than 48 before we meet.

Let’s do this!

I can’t wait to meet you!

Sharon Ehrlich
Executive Coach & Strategist